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  • Nursery:

The Nursery wing consists of three classes viz .. Nursery, K.G. and prep. ranging from 3+4+ and 5+ children only. This division of TINY TOTS is placed under the charge & responsibility of competent and specially trained individuals to ensure effective functioning, ably assisted by trained and skilful teachers for guiding and nurturing THE YOUNG ONES.

The method of teaching includes play way, kindergarten, and Montessori.

Stress is laid on utmost discipline and neatness of children from the initial stage of their academic careers An awareness of health and hygiene, things around us and good manners are imparted to the children.

The children are encouraged to develop an all round personality though singing, dancing, painting, acting, reading, weighting and exploring the environment.

A spacious playground, mini aquarium are the salient feature of Nursery department. further, the nursery consists of a library, Toy room, well-furnished class-room in addition to colored TV. sets with VCD & DVD for keeping the children in good humor.

Cheer so as to evoke in them the desired interest in studies. Every second Saturday is the “parents Teachers Meeting Day” The parents are expected to attend the parents teacher meeting with a view to discuss the progress of their wards, The children should not accompany the parents in such meetings.


  • Primary

Language & subjects- ITOIVSTD.

English. Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Science, Moral Science, General Knowledge, Art/Craft, Computer Science, work experience, Physical&Health Education.

(for I & II Std.- environment Studies in place of General Science and Social Studies.)


  • Middle Classes

Language & subjects- V, VI, VII, & VIII Std.

English, Hindi, Sanskrit, General Science, Mathematics, Social Studies (History Geography & Civics) Computer Science, Art Craft, Work-experience and physical & Health Education.


  • Secondary Courses

Language & subjects- IX & X Std.

English, Hindi, Sanskrit, General Science, Mathematics, Social Studies Computer Science/Work-experience, physical Health Education Art-Education.


  • Senior Secondary Courses

ARTS : Sociology, Home Science, Geography, Political Science, Economics, History, Drawing, Music.

COMMERCE : Accountancy, Business Management, Commercial Math’s, EAFM, Computer Optional, Typing.

SCIENCE : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math’s.

Compulsory Subjects :

(a) Hindi (b) English (c) Computer (d) Evs.

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